Call for inputs on the technologies of tomorrow

Published: 27 February 2023
Last updated: 16 March 2023

We want to hear your views on the emerging technologies that could shape how the communications industry looks in the future.

Whether it is innovative devices, wider access to faster connections or entirely new services, advances in technology are constantly changing how people work, socialise and entertain themselves. And while new technology brings clear benefits, the scale and speed of how these will affect people and businesses can be hard to predict.

So, we’re seeking views from people in the communications industry, academia and beyond on the emerging technologies that could have a major impact on how we use communications in the coming years.

We are particularly keen to hear more about technologies that deliver new services, reduce costs and lower barriers for providers entering markets. We’re also interested in hearing evidence about technologies that reduce the environmental impact of communications services and increase their security.

We welcome responses by 3 September 2020, and will publish a summary of the evidence we’ve received and the next steps we plan to take.

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