Apply for a restricted service licence

Restricted services are radio services with small coverage areas that are used to broadcast at events, or within a particular establishment or other locations in the UK. Examples include:

  • dedicated radio services for religious observances such as Ramadan;
  • radio services for hospitals and universities;
  • drive-in movie soundtracks; and
  • commentary for events.

If you are looking to broadcast a restricted service on AM or FM, you'll find below the application form and other information you need to apply.

If you are looking to broadcast a restricted service at a specific site on other frequencies, you can apply for an audio distribution systems restricted service licence.

Apply for a licence

Restricted services application form (DOCX, 92.1 KB)

Restricted services guidance notes (PDF, 516.6 KB)

Restricted service Broadcasting Act standard form licence (PDF, 306.5 KB)

Restricted service Wireless Telegraphy Act standard form licence (PDF, 252.0 KB)