Apply for a restricted service licence

Restricted service licences are radio services with a small coverage area that are used to broadcast at events, or within defined locations around the UK. They’re used for short-term events, like drive-in movies, to longer-term services for locations like hospital radio services or in-stadium commentary.

There are three types of restricted service licence:

  • short-term restricted service licences (SRSLs);
  • long-term restricted service licences (LRSLs); and
  • audio distribution system restricted service licences (ADS-RSLs).

You can find application forms for each licence type, and other information you will need to apply, below.

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We are currently receiving a large number of applications for RSLs. We want to remind applicants that we ask for at least 60 clear days (two months) between the date we receive your application and your proposed broadcast start date. If you send an application without giving this 60 days’ notice, we can’t guarantee that we will be able to provide the outcome of your application in time for your broadcast start date. In these circumstances, the application fee is non-refundable.