Small scale DAB trial coverage maps

26 September 2016

The maps below provide an indication of the coverage that the small scale DAB trial multiplexes are expected to achieve based on their current operating parameters and subject to the constraints set out below. This is not a guarantee of coverage for trial licensees, nor does it indicate the likely coverage of small-scale DAB multiplexes under any longer-term licensing framework.

These maps do not take account of adjacent channel interference which may prevent reception of the small scale service near to any other radio service's DAB transmitter site from which the small scale DAB service does not radiate.

These maps represent the percentage of locations served rather than the specific field strength level predicted at a point, as depicted on Ofcom AM and FM coverage maps. The percentage of locations served is a measure of how many random points the receiver is expected to work at in a 100m square area (the size of a prediction pixel). For example, if we state that 95% of locations should be served the radio should work at 95 out of every 100 randomly chosen places within the prediction pixel.