Broadcast radio licence awards process

06 December 2016

Details of open and recent licence awards for Ofcom-licensed radio stations, on both digital and analogue platforms.

As existing commercial analogue radio licences approach their expiry date, our general approach is to issue a "pre-advertisement", inviting current or potential licensees to declare their intentions to apply. If more than one applicant declares an interest, we will issue a full re-advertisement of the licence and assess these according to our criteria. We will also advertise any licences that become available, for example if surrendered by the current licence holder.

Planned timetable for the re-advertisement of local analogue commercial radio licences: 2016/17

There are currently no open pre-advertisements.

The closing date for applications to broadcast a temporary FM radio station using a Short-term Restricted Service Licence (‘S-RSL’) between 24 May and 28 June 2017  was 1 December 2016. The applications which have been received are listed at the link below.

Ofcom will not now accept any further applications to provide S-RSLs between 24 May and 28 June 2017 in the geographical areas listed at the link below. We may, however, still be able to accept applications for broadcasts in other parts of the UK during this period.

Details of applications received

At the end of March 2016, Ofcom held a number of draws for short-term restricted service licences ('SRSLs') for June and July 2016. Due to the high demand for SRSL broadcasts during this period, and the limited number of FM frequencies available in many areas of the UK, a draw between competing applicants needed to be held for a number of areas.

List of applicants

Full results of the draw

Older material can be accessed at the National Archives.