Aeronautical licensing

Ofcom issues licences to cover aircraft, ground-air communications and radio navigation aids and radar. The CAA were previously responsible for this.

Update 17 January 2022 – Proposal to vary aircraft licences

Ofcom has published a General Notice setting out our proposal to vary all aircraft and aircraft (transportable) licences. This is to  to update and simplify the licence documents that we issue. We are now in a transition period.

During this transition period, we will still accept new applications and issue licences. If you decide to apply for a licence (or continue with a licence application) during this time, we will take this as you consenting to these future changes.

This means that if we decide to proceed with our proposal, we may issue you with an old-style licence and shortly afterwards automatically send you a new, revised licence that supersedes your existing one.

To avoid sending you two licences within a short period, we are also giving applicants the option of choosing to receive their licence after the conclusion of the licence variation process on 18 March 2022. Applicants would then only be sent one licence reflecting the new version of the licence.

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