Fixed wireless access (the 5725 – 5850 MHz band)

19 October 2016

The 5.8 GHz licence (5725 – 5850 MHz band) can allow point-to-multipoint equipment for WISP Solutions, broadband internet access, and IP video surveillance.

This band is already in use by other services, including weather and military radars. Under a normal licence-exempt regime, it would not be possible for Ofcom to provide adequate protection for these services while permitting the higher power levels needed for provision of a viable fixed wireless access service on a shared basis. Therefore Ofcom has put in place a light - licensing regime. This regime requires a minimum payment and registration.

The fee is £1 per terminal, subject to a minimum fee of £50 per licence. There is no maximum limit on how many terminals you can have on one licence.

Pay online (for fees up to £5000)

Or, complete and return the remittance advice slip attached your invoice. Ofcom accepts the following methods of payment:

  • The preferred method of payment is credit/debit card, up to a maximum of £5,000. Please note that we do not accept American Express.
  • For payments over £5,000 a direct debit instruction is best. Direct debits cannot be set up in time to collect the first payment, but will be used for future payments. However, payment can be taken by direct debit for a new licence if you are an existing licensee with a live direct debit instruction set up with your bank.
  • If you prefer to make a BACS payment, please quote your invoice number, so that our Finance team can identify your payment easily.
  • For International Bankers Drafts, please quote your invoice number. You will need to add the charge on an international bankers draft to the total requested.

You have until your renewal date to pay for this licence. This will be the last day of the month in which you receive the invoice. You risk having your licence(s) revoked if payment is not received by this date.

Please submit a payment only once you have received an invoice. Early payments will be returned to you.

Once you have received an invoice, please return the remittance advice slip with payment instructions to help us easily identify which licences you are paying for.

Once you apply for a licence you will be supplied with the necessary login details for our online registration system. Please note that registration is compulsory for all 5.8 GHz terminals installed.

Guidance notes on using the online post issue registration system.

On receiving a validation notice, check that all of the information that we currently hold for the licence(s) is correct. If all of the data is correct then no further action is required. If you need to make any changes or updates, please notify us immediately by completing the attached forms and returning them to the Ofcom Licensing Centre.

Contact details can be changed by emailing

Alternatively, you can write to the Ofcom Licensing Centre at the below address:

Ofcom Licensing Centre
PO Box 56373

The band at 5725 MHz to 5850 MHz (Band C) can be used for the Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) services, with particular application in areas where broadband is unavailable through standard delivery platforms. FWA operating at band C can be used to provide broadband services to a range of business, private and public users.

You can install and use CE compliant equipment that meets the spectrum requirements described in interface requirement IR 2007. 

Access to 5.8 GHz band C for FWA users is currently permitted throughout the UK on secondary basis, provided that no interference is caused to the primary users in the band. However, Ofcom reserves the right to introduce geographic exclusion zones, if this becomes necessary to protect the primary users in band C.

UK Interface Requirement 2007: Fixed Broadband Services operating in the 5725-5850 MHz band
PDF, 85.2 KB

You can make a surrender or variation request by emailing

Alternatively, you can write to the Ofcom Licensing Centre at the below address:

Ofcom Licensing Centre
PO Box 56373

We cannot process a surrender while we are waiting for a renewal payment. Please submit your changes no later than two weeks before the start of the renewal month to make sure they are processed. Any surrender requests received after the start of the renewal month will be processed once the exact renewal fee has been received. In this case, any credits or debits will be applied to the next renewal year. This excludes credits for surrendered licences which cost £75 or less, which are non-refundable.