Internet of Things (IoT)

17 March 2016

Internet of things


The interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data.

How do I gain access to spectrum for an IoT service?

Access to IOT spectrum is available on a licence exempt basis or you can obtain spectrum through a Wireless Telegraphy Act licence.

Internet of Things frequency ranges

Internet of things frequency ranges

Licence exempt use of IoT spectrum

The frequency ranges highlighted above are available for IoT applications on a licence exempt basis except for those below 800MHz which are available through a Business Radio Internet of Things licence.

Licensing IoT spectrum

If you wish to gain access to IoT spectrum through a Business Radio Internet of Things licence then the following frequency ranges are available.

55.75625-60 MHz

62.75625-64.8 MHz

64.8875-66.2 MHz

70.5-71.5 MHz

80.0-81.5 MHz

Business Radio licensing page

What types of licence can I choose from?

There are two types of licence available to you.

Technically Assigned:

This licence is a flexible licence that authorises the use of a wide variety of business radio equipment. This licence is suitable if you wish to operate spectrum at a particular site or sites, from very small (e.g. in-building coverage) to very large (e.g. a county).

The licence fee is £75 per 25 kHz per site.

Area Defined:

Area Defined licences give customers exclusive use of a frequency across either a 50km2 grid square, a country, or the whole of the UK. Licence fees are calculated using a combination of frequency width, frequency range and region covered. A table of licence fees based on the region covered is shown below.

Band One (55.75 MHz - 68 MHz) annual fees per 2 x 12½ kHz (or 1 x 25kHz) channel.

Assignment TypeFee
Area-defined (UK) 600
Area-defined (England) 150
Area-defined (Wales) 150
Area-defined (Scotland) 150
Area-defined (Northern Ireland) 150
Area-defined GB (England, Wales and Scotland) 450 450
Area-defined per Trading Unit in population category A 150
Area-defined per Trading Unit in population category B* 50
Area-defined per Trading Unit in population category C* 5
*Please note that a minimum fee of £75 applies.  

Technical Criteria

The criteria including maximum effective radiated power permissible for Internet of Things services are defined in Interface Requirement 2044. If you have an application that is not compliant with the Interface please get in touch.

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