Mobile and wireless broadband

Mobile (cellular)

A mobile phone (cellphone) is a wireless user station that connects to the public phone network by a radio link. Because of this flexibility, users of mobile phones can make or take calls almost anywhere within the UK and, through roaming, onto other networks abroad. The term public means that the network is accessible to all and not for the exclusive use a closed group of people.

Cellular telephony was initially developed for mobile business communications and has developed over time also for social and leisure uses including voice, messaging and data such as internet access and multimedia applications.

Broadband wireless

Broadband wireless access (BWA) systems are a means of making connections between users’ devices or systems and telecommunication networks. They may deliver a range of electronic traffic including telephony, high speed data, television and multimedia services. BWA systems commonly deliver services to fixed locations such as the user’s home or office. Some BWA technologies, such as WiMAX, LTE, HSPA etc. have developed over time and are capable of delivering services to unspecified points within a local area.