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12 July 2016

Welcome to the new Ofcom Amateur Radio and Ships Radio Licensing Portal.

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If you previously logged in using an Ofcom generated username please contact us with the following information:

  • Valid email address
  • Existing Licence number
  • Call sign and your postcode


Using the Ofcom Online Licensing System for Amateur and Ship Radio Licences User Guide PDF, 462.9 KB

On our online system you  can apply for and manage:

  • Your personal information
  • All Amateur Radio licences, including club licences
  • Special Event Station Notice of Variations


UK Radio Amateurs who would  like to apply for an Amateur Radio licence in another country that participates  in CEPT Recommendation T/R 61-02 must have a UK HAREC.

A UK HAREC is now issued  alongside every UK Full examination pass certificate that is issued.
Notices of  Variation

You can now apply for and  issue a Special Event Station NoV via the Online Licensing System.

Applying for Special Event Station Notice of Variations Online User Guide. PDF, 504.1 KB

To apply the  following NoVs you will need to complete and application form and send it  Spectrum Licensing via post or emails.

  • Special,  Special Event Station NoV
  • Permanent  Special Event Station NoV

OfW287 Application for a Notice of  Variation (NoV) for a Special Event Call sign PDF, 35.9 KB

  • Special  Research Permit

OfW306 Application for an Amateur  Radio Special Research Permit  PDF, 28.9  KB

Special Event Stations in 2016  PDF, 26.7 KB

Arrangements for Special Event Stations to mark the centenary of the Cub Scouts  and events in the Great War

Variation for a Special Contest Call  sign

The RSGB processes applications for Special Contest Call signs for Ofcom though  decisions on whether or not to grant a variation remain Ofcom’s.

Postal  applications

Please note that postal  applications incur a £20 handling charge for applicants under 75.

Amateur Radio Licence  application form PDF, 450.8 KB

Amendment to an Amateur  Radio Licence PDF, 391.1 KB

Using our online system, you can apply for and manage:
  • Your personal information
  • All Ship Radio/Ship Portable Radio Licences
  • Online Registrations on behalf of organisations

Applying online on behalf of an Organisation

  • You will need to register online as a new user
  • When applying for a ship/ship portable radio licence please select the licence is for an organisation
  • If the organisation you are applying for already has a ship radio licence please contact spectrum licensing to obtain your Customer Reference Number as this will be required with the online application process
  • If you already have an existing account on behalf of an organisation you will need to contact spectrum licensing to provide them with a valid email address. This will enable you to re-register and access the licences you are a contact for under this account.


If you require an ATIS number, this can now be added to your Ship Radio licence. All you need to do is amend your licence and add one or more pieces of ATIS equipment.

Downloadable forms and resources for ships' radio

Ship Radio Guidance Notes for Licensing (PDF)

Ship Radio Information (PDF)

Group MMSI request form  (PDF, 56 kB)

Of347 Ships New Radio Application Form  (PDF, 253 kB)

Of347a Ships Radio Amendment and Surrender Form  (PDF, 292 kB)

We have a number of options to support you online, these include:

  • My Account - Allows you to manage your account online, apply for additional licences or surrender and vary existing licences. Please note that you should surrender unwanted licences otherwise Ofcom may visit you for illegal use of the radio spectrum.
  • Help and Support – Find useful answers and step by step guidance, or contact us by email or phone.

Using the Ofcom Online Licensing System for Amateur and Ship Radio Licences User Guide PDF, 462.9 KB

  • As part of an ongoing system refresh programme to increase online functionality and improve customer experience
  • To ensure our Online Services are secure and convenient.
  • So you can save your changes and return later to complete your submission, helping the process work around you.
  • To ensure we capture correct and complete information on applications

As with any upgrade we can’t rule out the possibility of some minor defects which may impact our call volume.  We will do our best to respond to calls and emails as quickly as possible but this may take longer than normal. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience at this time.

The Amateur and Ships Licensing Portal is the first stage of an ongoing refresh programme and we would value feedback on your experience. Please email us at licensing.feedback@ofcom.org.uk. We appreciate all feedback but please be advised we will not be able to respond to individual emails.

If you are experiencing difficulties using the portal, please email the Spectrum Licensing team at spectrum.licensing@ofcom.org.uk.