700 MHz Clearance Look-up Tool

27 July 2017

We are making the band 694 to 790 MHz (the 700 MHz band) available for new mobile services. As a consequence this spectrum will not be available for PMSE use from 1 May 2020 (see our statement Maximising the benefits of 700 MHz clearance). Any Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) frequencies in use in the 700 MHz band also need to transition below 694 MHz, so there will be consequential changes to the configuration of spectrum availability for PMSE use below 694 MHz as the changes to the DTT broadcast network roll out.

To provide PMSE stakeholders with an indication of spectrum availability post-700 MHz clearance we have provided a look-up tool. The post-700 MHz DTT frequency plan is complete as of 27 July 2017, however, it is still subject to review so some changes may occur. Therefore the information is indicative of the possible position as of that date and is provided as a guide only.

Ofcom takes no responsibility for any investment or other decisions stakeholders take on the basis of the information provided.