5 GHz

09 February 2015

Technical Specifications

Maximum ERP: 40dBW, (maximum 23 dBW for air-to-ground use)
Maximum Bandwidth 20 MHz.

Typical Applications:

Temporary point-to-point video links, wireless cameras.
The modulation employed for analogue systems is FM within a 20 MHz bandwidth.


Channels within the frequency band 5472 - 5850 MHz share with Short Range Devices (SRD) including WiFi wireless networks. There is the possibility of interference from these devices.

Following the introduction of broadband wireless access into the band 5725 - 5850 MHz (known as "5.8 GHz Band C") video link channels within the range 5725 - 5850 MHz are now liable to interference from broadband wireless services as they roll out across the country. New replacement spectrum in the range 5850 - 5925 MHz has therefore been made available for video links throughout the UK which avoids the likelihood of interference. Users can continue to use channels in the range 5725 - 5850 MHz, but must accept the risk of interference from broadband wireless services.