Update 1 March 2021 – EMF licence variation

Ofcom has published a General Notice and notified other licensees of our proposals to vary a wide range of licences to require licensees to comply with the ICNIRP general public limits and keep records to demonstrate how they comply. This licence variation process is now underway, and we are now in a transition period. For more information, please visit our page on electromagnetic fields (EMF).

During this transition period, Ofcom will still accept new applications and will still issue licences. If you decide to apply for a licence (or continue with a licence application) during this time, we will take this as you consenting to these future changes.

Satellite earth stations

18 November 2020

A Satellite Earth Station is a type of radio equipment used to communicate with a space station (satellite) from the Earth's surface. They are typically used to provide telephony, data, backhaul, broadcast feeder links and two-way business/consume broadband or corporate type communications.

GNSS repeater equipment consists of an external antenna for the reception of the GNSS signal; an amplifier (with a restricted maximum gain), connected via cabling to a second antenna inside a building. This re-radiates the GNSS signals inside a building allowing, within a limited distance of that transmit antenna, the continued operation of GNSS receivers.