Apply for a non-geostationary satellite earth station licence (FSS)

Non-geostationary satellite earth station licences are used to authorise gateway earth stations and user terminals that relay traffic via non-geostationary satellites that orbit the Earth.

These licences authorise the use of certain frequency bands allocated to the fixed-satellite service. They can be used to provide several types of service including direct-to-consumer broadband, broadband services to businesses, telcos and governments, and Internet of Things.

A non-geostationary satellite earth station licence is a term we use to describe the following two licences:

  • Satellite (Non-Geostationary Earth Station): these licences authorise non-geostationary gateway earth stations which are large hubs that connect the satellite network to the internet and/or to private networks and cloud services.
  • Satellite (Earth Station Network): for non-geostationary use. These licences authorise the use of non-geostationary user terminals, for example the dish and equipment installed at a customer’s premises, and must be held by any satellite operator wishing to deliver services in the UK.

How to apply

Our non-geostationary satellite earth stations licence guidance (PDF, 748.4 KB) explains how you can apply for a licence. It also covers licence fees, terms and conditions.

Use the Satellite (Non-Geostationary Earth Station) radio licence application form – OfW564 (PDF, 998.1 KB) to apply for a licence for non-geostationary gateway earth stations.

Use the Satellite (Earth Station Network) radio licence application form – non-geostationary – OfW602 (PDF, 674.0 KB) to apply for a licence for non-geostationary network of user terminals.

How we will assess applications

When considering applications for these licences, we will take account of their impact on technical coexistence and competition. We will also publish and invite comments on applications that we are considering authorising.

As we explain in our non-geostationary satellite earth stations licence guidance (PDF, 748.4 KB), applicants will be expected to show how their proposed gateway or network can coexist with:

  • existing non-geostationary satellite systems that are licensed in the UK (see the table below);
  • non-geostationary satellite systems for which an application has been submitted and published on this page; and
  • other specific co-frequency earth stations registered with the ITU.

Existing licences

You can download a copy of the licence document by opening the link in the licensee's name. The licences are subject to the terms of the General Licence Conditions booklet - version OfW 597 (PDF, 236.8 KB).

Applications received

We invite comments on any application we have received and published in the tables below. The deadline for responses is included alongside each application.

You can submit comments on an application by using the response form.

We will publish all non-confidential responses alongside our final decision on each application. You can subscribe to spectrum email updates (selecting ‘Radio spectrum’ in the list of sectors) to be notified when we publish a new application or decision.