Information about ATIS licensing numbers

29 June 2010

What is ATIS?

Automatic Transmitter Identification System (ATIS) is equipment developed to identify vessels travelling on the inland waterways of several European countries. 

These countries together form the Regional Arrangement Concerning the Radiotelephone Service on Inland Waterways, or RAINWAT.

The UK’s inland waterways are largely restricted to leisure use, with comparatively few commercial journeys being made. Produce delivered to our ports in containers or in bulk generally continues its journey by road or rail. In Europe, however, there is a long history of using rivers and canals as transport arteries. The Rhine, Danube and Rhone rivers transport millions of tons of cargo each year. With large numbers of large vessels, many carrying hazardous cargoes, strict traffic management is needed. Communication is key to this, to ensure that vessels remain aware of those around them.