Ship or Ship Portable Radio licence: terms and conditions

24 July 2016

The new 'lifetime' licence will remain valid for as long as the licence details remain correct or until such time as the licence is either revoked by Ofcom or surrendered by the licensee.

There is no end date on the 'lifetime' ship radio licence, but Ofcom will revoke the licence unless the licence is either amended or validated at least once every ten years.

Although the licence 'disc' is no longer issued, the licence, relevant Maritime Radio Operator’s Certificate of Competence and valid Authority to operate must be kept with or near to the licensed radio equipment, where it is physically practicable to do so. These documents must accompany the radio equipment when the vessel is taken abroad.


Ships' Radio and Ship Portable Radio
Licence class (Lifetime) licence - current fees (£)
Via online applications Via postal applications
Ship Radio licence No fee 20
Ship Portable Radio licenceNo fee 20

Lifetime Sample Ship or Ship Portable licence (PDF, 44.7 KB)

Ship or Ship Portable Radio Licence Terms and Conditions (PDF, 314.1 KB)