Changes to TV broadcast licences

Television Licensee Update Form (PDF, 178.5 KB)
To be completed in accordance with Condition 12 of your Licence ‘General provision of information to Ofcom’.

Whenever a Channel 3 licensee or Channel 5 undergo a "change of control" Ofcom is required under sections 351 and 353 of the Communications Act 2003 to review the effects or likely effects of this on various matters listed in the Act. These include original productions, news, current affairs, regional production and in the case of Channel 3 regional programmes, employment in the regions and the quality and range of programmes made available by licensees to the network.

When the reviews are complete Ofcom must publish a report setting out its conclusions and any action it proposes to take to safeguard the position which existed before the change of control. The basis on which it can or must take such action is set out in sections 352 and 354 of the Act.

Change of control – notification form (DOCX, 90.9 KB)

Channel 5: change of control review (PDF, 190.2 KB)
Published 28 November 2019

Change of control of the Channel 3 Licence for Northern Ireland (PDF, 105.3 KB)
Published 4 May 2016

Older reviews are available at the National Archives