TV broadcast licensing monthly updates

On the first Tuesday of every month, we publish a round-up of recent licensing activity on broadcast TV stations. This includes new licensed services, transfers and name changes, as well as any other relevant information.

February 2020

Television services that have ceased to be licensed (handed back or revoked) in this period

The following services are no longer licensed.

The relevant licence is either:

  • no longer required by the licensee so has been handed back, or the service has been removed from a licence covering multiple services;
  • revoked as a matter of routine (usually for non-payment of the annual licence fee); or
  • the licensee ceases to exist (has been liquidated or become dissolved).
Licence typeLicenseeService name
TLCS   Filmbox International Limited KINO TV
TLCSFilmbox International LimitedGametoon
TLCS   RHF Productions Limited Dirty Talk
TLCS Sports Information Services Limited SIS Independent Retail Service
TLCSSports Information Services LimitedSIS Greyhounds
TLCSSports Information Services LimitedSIS ROTW (Rest of the World)
TLCSSports Information Services LimitedSIS Competitive Gaming
TLCS Faraj Media LtdSafeer TV
TLCSGrace TV Global LimitedBible TV Global
TLCSHope Channel IncAl Waad channel
TLCSNollywood Movies LimitedRetro Movies
TLCSInformation TV LtdFront Runner

Ofcom can also revoke licences for a number of reasons relating to the conditions of the licence. In such cases, Ofcom will normally publish a statement setting out the reasons for the revocation.

Service name changes

The following licensees have changed the name of their service.

Licence typeLicensee Previous service name New service name
TLCS MG Global Entertainment (Europe) LimitedXXX AmaturesXXX PublicPikups
TLCS Viacom International Media Networks U.K. LimitedMTV XMASMTV 80s
TLCSSky UK LimitedSky Cinema AnimationSky Cinema Superheroes

TLCS – Television Licensable Content Service Licence

DTPS – Digital Television Programme Services Licence

L-DTPS – Local Digital Television Programme Services Licence

PSDTPS – Public Service Digital Television Programme Services Licence

Older information is available at the National Archives.