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New rules to help you get a better mobile signal indoors

Published: 4 November 2021
Last updated: 16 March 2023

If you struggle to get a good mobile reception indoors you will soon be able to buy a wider range of devices to help improve the signal you can achieve, under new rules announced by Ofcom today.

Indoor mobile repeaters – sometimes referred to as ‘signal boosters’ – are devices typically used in homes to amplify a mobile signal.

In 2018, we authorised the use of mobile repeaters, provided they met certain technical requirements.

We’re changing these requirements in early 2022, to increase the range of devices you can buy and use legally. As well as providing more choice for people looking to boost their indoor mobile signal, this could also potentially bring down the cost of devices.

We won’t be endorsing or approving specific products; but to help people find legal mobile repeaters, we will publish a list of devices on our website that comply with the technical requirements.

In the meantime, there’s steps you can take to improve the mobile signal you get at home. First, use our checker to find out which mobile providers offer the best coverage in your area, and therefore a better indoor signal.

Finding a fix

Sometimes, you might be able to get a good mobile signal outdoors but not indoors. There are ways to deal with this, and some of these might be suitable.

Some fixes can be straightforward. For example, if you struggle to receive text messages to complete an online transaction, you might be able to receive a phone call to your home phone or use an app on your smartphone. More information can be found at the UK Finance website.

Some mobile providers offer wifi calling. This allows you to connect to your broadband service to make calls, in addition to making them over the mobile network. Wifi calling can also be used over public wifi hotspots.

Wifi calling is available on a range of smartphones and allows you to use your phone without needing to download and use separate apps. You might need to contact your mobile provider to activate the service.

Calls are typically included as part of your normal minutes allowance and out-of-tariff calls are charged at the standard rate.

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