Personal Numbering - Guidance on the acceptable use of 070 numbers

26 October 2004

Ofcom has produced these guidelines to provide range holders with further clarification on what it considers to be acceptable use of 070 numbers. They do not fetter Ofcom's discretion in dealing with future cases involving the use of the 070 range. (Revised 27 February 2009)

Comments on these guidelines are welcome and, if appropriate, may be reflected in any future revision.

This guidance provides further clarification on what Ofcom considers to be acceptable use of 070 numbers. It does not replace the National Telephone Numbering Plan, nor Condition 17 of the General Conditions, but provides additional guidance for range holders and their sub-allocatees in response to recent cases and enquiries about whether a particular service is acceptable.

This guidance covers:

  • The National Telephone Numbering Plan
  • Responsibility for sub-allocated numbers
  • Acceptable use of 070 numbers
  • Criteria for assessing appropriate use