Harmonised European numbers for harmonised services of social value (116XXX numbers)

26 October 2004

The European Commission (‘the Commission’) aims to have certain services of social value contactable by using the same memorable telephone numbers in all Member States. To further this aim, the Commission has designated the 6-digit ‘116’ number range for European-wide harmonised numbers for services of social value. This means that the same service of social value may be reached when calling a certain ‘116’ number across Europe, giving European citizens ‘same number – same service’ memorability. The Commission decides which services should be reserved ‘116’ numbers and attaches conditions relating to the use of the numbers.

We set out our general approach to implementation of ‘116’ numbers in the UK in the regulatory statement published on 20 February 2009. This document also made 116000, 116111 and 116123 available for allocation in the UK. On 28 July 2010 we issued a further statement making 116006 and 116117 available. The register of ‘116’ numbers available in the UK is shown below.

Further information from the Commission on ‘116’ helpline numbers can be found on its website here: http://ec.europa.eu/digital-agenda/en/116-helplines.