Universal postal service order

12 July 2013

As required by the Act, Ofcom made a Universal Postal Services Order in March 2012 to set out:

  • A description of the services that we considered should be provided in the UK as part of the universal postal service; and
  • The standards with which those services need to comply.

Universal Postal Services Order (27 March 2012)

This order sets out the scope of the universal postal service in the UK. It does not itself impose any obligation on any operator to provide services. Obligations are imposed on Royal Mail and other postal operators in the regulatory conditions imposed by Ofcom.

Order modifying the Universal Postal Services Order (December 2013)

Ofcom prepared an informal consolidated mark-up of the Order as amended (PDF, 113.3 KB).

We also undertook an assessment of the extent to which the postal services market in the UK is meeting the reasonable needs of users of those services. That assessment was completed in March 2013 and concluded that the reasonable needs of users were being met by the current universal service.

Review of postal users' needs, Statement published 27|03|2013