Children’s media literacy

06 December 2016

Media literacy enables people to have the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to make full use of the opportunities presented both by traditional and by new communications services. Media literacy also helps people to manage content and communications, and protect themselves and their families from the potential risks associated with using these services.

Our research includes findings relating to parents’ views about their children’s media use, and the ways that parents seek to – or decide not to – monitor or limit use of different types of media.

The Communications Act 2003 placed a responsibility on Ofcom to promote, and to carry out research in, media literacy. Our research into children’s media literacy contributes to Ofcom's fulfilment of this duty.

Children's media literacy research - 16 Nov 2016

Ofcom’s 2016 children’s research brings together a suite of reports covering children’s media literacy, including:

The findings from all these reports have been drawn together in the executive summary of the Children’s and Parents’ Media Use and Attitudes report PDF, 243.8 KB , providing a rich picture of the media use, attitudes and understanding of children and young people aged 3-15, and how this has changed over time.