Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) Accessibility Report 2019

27 June 2019

People with visual impairments watch about as much TV as other people but face particular difficulties in using on-screen TV programme guides (otherwise known as electronic programme guides or EPGs) to plan their viewing.

As a result, the choice of viewing for people with visual impairments can be unnecessarily restricted, and they may miss out on the opportunities to see the programmes most people take for granted.

The Communications Act (2003) requires that Ofcom’s EPG code obliges EPG providers to incorporate such features in their EPGs as are appropriate to enable, so far as practicable, people with disabilities affecting their sight or hearing to use the EPGs for the same purposes as people without such disabilities.

This is our first annual report following revisions made to the EPG Code in June 2018.

EPG Accessibility report 2019 (PDF, 256.7 KB)

EPG Accessibility report 2019 Rich Text Format (RTF, 991.1 KB)

Hygyrchedd Cyfeiryddion Rhaglenni Electronig (EPG) 2019 (PDF, 179.0 KB)

Hygyrchedd Cyfeiryddion Rhaglenni Electronig (EPG) 2019 (RTF, 250.4 KB)