DAB+ Radio

29 September 2023

Use of DAB+ radio by UK households

This report outlines the findings from market research conducted to estimate DAB+ device penetration and usage in the UK.

DAB+ is the latest technology for digital audio broadcasting. It is more efficient than standard DAB, allowing more services to be broadcast on the same multiplex with equivalent audio quality.

Our key findings:

  • Thirty-six per cent of households had a DAB+ set, either at home or in at least one car
  • Two-thirds (66%) of in-home DAB owners had a DAB+ set
  • A quarter of in-home DAB listeners and a fifth of in-car DAB listeners had listened to a DAB+ radio station in the past month

The research took the form of a nationally representative face-to-face survey of 4,055 UK adults and was conducted in October/November 2022.

In terms of ongoing engagement with industry we note the issues with capacity unit pricing raised in the Digital and Audio Review and are open to hearing views on this matter from relevant stakeholders. Additionally, we welcome further engagement from stakeholders who have evidence to share that may prompt further consideration of the other related issues covered in this document.

DAB+ Radio report (PDF, 1020.1 KB)

Adroddiad ar DAB+ (PDF, 561.3 KB)