Made outside London TV programming

08 November 2023

The Communications Act 2003 and the BBC Agreement require that a suitable proportion of programmes are made outside the M25 (or 'made outside London').

Each public service broadcaster (PSB) must meet the quotas for regional productions specified in its licence. Ofcom’s guidance explains that only first-run programmes that qualify as regional productions may count towards these quotas.

Every year we publish a list of the programmes produced by the PSBs outside the M25, and criteria against which each programme qualifies as made outside London.

We also publish an interactive version of the Made Outside London register within the PSB Annual Compliance Report, which enables users to explore trend data, and filter productions by which Made Outside London criteria they have met.

Made outside London programme titles register 2022 (PDF, 1001.8 KB)
August 2023 (updated 8 November 2023)
This document has been republished to correct an error in the version published on 3 August 2023. It corrects a sentence stating that the BBC’s Nation specific quota for Scotland was 9% of qualifying hours and spend, which should instead read 8%.

Made outside London programme titles register 2021 (PDF, 756.0 KB)
August 2022 (Updated January 2023)

Made outside London programme titles register 2020 (PDF, 997.8 KB)
August 2021

Made outside London programme titles register 2019 (PDF, 941.9 KB)
September 2020

Older documents are available via the National Archives.