UK TV production sector

22 August 2023

The UK production sector is a diverse, competitive and internationally successful part of our creative economy, projecting the UK positively around the world.

This success is not a product of chance. It has grown out of, and been supported by, a close relationship with the public service and commercial broadcasters and a series of regulatory interventions over the last two decades. This approach has ensured there continues to be a wide variety of programming for all audiences from across the UK.

Ofcom regularly engages with producers and interested parties from across the UK’s production sector, as we continue to support high quality UK media that audiences trust and value.

We commissioned Oliver & Ohlbaum Associates (O&O) earlier this year to provide us with an up-to-date view of the industry and some of the opportunities and challenges it faces in the next decade. This work will ensure Ofcom remains well placed to support a thriving UK creative economy and understand the impact of our future decisions.