Ofcom's rules on EMF exposure

Most spectrum licences issued by Ofcom include a condition (the EMF licence condition) requiring licensees to ensure compliance with the limits in the ICNIRP Guidelines on EMF exposure for the protection of the general public. We refer to these limits as the “general public EMF limits”. The condition applies to licensees whose radio equipment is currently authorised to transmit at powers higher than 10 Watts EIRP or 6.1 Watts ERP.

The condition does not cover:

  • exposure of the licensee and does not therefore require licensees to protect themselves from EMF; or
  • exposure of workers and does not therefore require licensees to protect workers from EMF. Further information on exposure of workers is provided in the link at the bottom of this page.

More detail is available in our Guidance on EMF Compliance and Enforcement and our general information on EMF.


Our rules on EMF exposure have been subject to two public consultations (which were published on our website), as well as the formal licence variation consultation procedure.

You can read all our policy documents, along with other supporting documents and stakeholders' responses to our consultation proposals.