Digital television transmitter details

12 October 2021

This page contains details of the current technical parameters for the UK’s digital terrestrial television (DTT) transmitter network.

The information is in spreadsheet format and is intended for ease of download and further manipulation, rather than for presentation.

Television transmitter frequency data (XLSX, 279.6 KB)
Last updated: 30 January 2018

The spreadsheet includes information on the frequencies that the DTT network adopted as part of the 700 MHz clearance programme (which was completed in 2020). Yellow highlighting shows the main changes compared to the pre-700 MHz clearance network.

The "DSO Muxes" worksheet contains data on the six national digital switchover (DSO) multiplexes: PSB1, PSB2, PSB3, COM4, COM5 & COM6.

The "NonDSO Muxes" worksheet contains data on non-DSO multiplexes: COM7, COM8 (see the note in 'Multiplexes' table in the glossary below), the Local TV multiplex (LTVMux), the Northern Ireland Multiplex (NIMux), and Geographic Interleaved Multiplexes (GIMux).

More information about the data contained in the spreadsheet is provided in the glossary below.

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