SRSP: A revised framework for Spectrum Pricing

Published: 29 March 2010
Consultation closes: 21 June 2010
Status: Closed (statement published)

The purpose of this document is to set out our conclusions on our revised Framework for spectrum pricing. This Framework will be used in future as a guide to setting AIP fees (based on the opportunity cost of the spectrum used) and will inform how we develop AIP fee proposals in future, as well as to how we will determine when a fee review is appropriate and how we will undertake post-review evaluations. We undertook this review because some of the principles and practices discussed in our consultation document have evolved over time in relation to specific licence sectors and classes. As a result not all of our principles or methodologies have been implemented, in full, for all licence sectors. We have now concluded that we will continue to apply these refinements systematically in future and in a way that takes full account of the specific characteristics and circumstances of each sector.


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