Consultation: NSLComm Ltd application for non-geostationary earth station network licence

Published: 29 January 2024
Consultation closes: 29 February 2024
Status: Closed (pending statement)

Non-geostationary orbiting (NGSO) satellite systems are a new way of delivering broadband services from space using a constellation of satellites in a low or medium orbit. These satellite services have the potential to deliver higher speeds and lower latency services.

Ofcom has received an application from NSLComm Ltd (“NSLComm”) for a non-geostationary satellite earth station network licence. This licence would authorise small user satellite dishes that connect via satellites to the internet.

NSLComm’s “BeetleSat” system is designed to offer connectivity services to both verticals and end user applications, including aviation, maritime, military SatCom, enterprise and backhaul applications for terrestrial telecommunications networks. NSLComm state the system will deliver up to 2Tbps total network capacity.

This consultation sets out Ofcom’s proposal to grant a NGSO network licence to NSLComm for their BeetleSat constellation. We invite comments on our proposal by 5pm on Thursday 29 February 2024.

We will consider any responses to this consultation before reaching a final decision on whether to grant a licence to NSLComm.

Responding to this consultation

Please submit responses using the consultation response form (ODT, 99.0 KB).

How to respond

To ensure we can receive and assess all comments in a timely manner, we will not accept responses via post.
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