Spectrum management for next generation wireless broadband: a discussion paper

18 October 2023

By the end of this decade, we can expect to see new versions of Wi-Fi and 6G mobile introduced, as well as a range of new wireless broadband technologies and increased connectivity from the sky and space through the deployment of non-terrestrial networks. Together these ‘Next Generation’ Wireless Broadband technologies and networks have the potential to bring significant improvements in availability, reliability, performance and choice of wireless connectivity across the UK and in countries around the world.

Given the potential diversity of next-generation networks, uncertainty in how and where they’ll be used, and the need to continue to support existing uses, Ofcom considers that future spectrum management must place greater emphasis on spectrum sharing and flexible access. This approach is consistent with the approach set out in our 2021 Spectrum Management Strategy (PDF, 2.6 MB).

This discussion paper puts forward our case for making changes at each stage of the spectrum management pipeline – including the allocations and technical studies agreed at the International Telecommunication Union level.

Read the full discussion paper (PDF, 330.1 KB)