DAB technical policy documents

Published: 7 April 2020
Last updated: 17 March 2023

Radio Multiplex licences (national and local) and the associated WT Act Licences (or relevant parts thereof) issued by Ofcom require adherence to this Digital Radio Technical Code, which incorporates technical requirements common to all licences. Additional technical requirements specific to individual licences are given in Part V of the Annex to national multiplex licences and Part IV of the Annex to local multiplex licences; and in the associated WT Act licences.

A separate document ‘Technical Policy Guidance for DAB Multiplex Licensees’ gives guidance on the principles which Ofcom will apply to the application of this Code. That document may change in response to changing market conditions and to further experience gained in the deployment of digital radio multiplexes.

Digital Technical Code (PDF, 276.0 KB)
Last updated 9 May 2023

Technical Policy Guidance for DAB Multiplex Licensees (PDF, 945.1 KB)
Last updated 9 May 2023

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