Content standards

The Charter gives Ofcom responsibility for regulating the content standards of the BBC’s television, radio and on-demand programmes.

The Ofcom Broadcasting Code contains the rules which the BBC is required to follow so that BBC viewers and listeners are appropriately protected. The Code’s rules for due impartiality and due accuracy (Section 5), elections and referendums (Section 6), commercial references in television (Section 9) and commercial communications in radio (Section 10) apply to the BBC for the first time under the new Charter.

Review of how we regulate the BBC

As we approach the mid-point in the BBC’s current Charter period, we have been reviewing the BBC’s performance and our future regulation of it.

Ofcom is clear that the BBC needs to make its complaints process simpler and more straightforward for people to navigate. It must also be more transparent and open about its decision-making.

To help address audience concerns, we have updated our determinations for handling BBC complaints (PDF, 255.9 KB). This now directs the BBC to publish the reasoning behind any final stage decision not to uphold complaints about due impartiality and due accuracy.