Operating Framework for the BBC

As required under the BBC’s Royal Charter, Ofcom has developed an 'Operating Framework' for the BBC, covering regulation of the BBC’s performance, compliance with content standards and impact on competition.

The Operating Framework contains the provisions that Ofcom considers appropriate to secure the effective regulation of the BBC’s activities set out in the Charter and Agreement.

Introduction to Ofcom’s Operating Framework for the BBC (PDF, 1.4 MB)

Operating Framework – setting and amending the Licence (PDF, 390.8 KB)

Operating Framework – setting and amending performance measures (PDF, 154.2 KB)

Operating Licence

The Operating Licence sets the regulatory conditions that Ofcom considers appropriate for requiring the BBC to fulfil its Mission and promote the Public Purposes.

Operating Licence for the BBC's Public Services (4 March 2024) (PDF, 371.3 KB)

Older versions of the Operating Licence are available in the table below.

Review of how we regulate the BBC

Since the BBC Charter was put in place, there have been significant changes in how UK audiences watch and listen to content. We have also seen growth in the take-up of global video and audio streaming services. In this review we have looked at how well the BBC has delivered for all UK audiences since 2017, and how we regulate the BBC, to make sure it is fit for purpose for the rest of the current Charter period. We build on the conclusions of Small Screen: Big Debate, our review of public service media.

Following our consultation (PDF, 1.2 MB) in July, this review sets out our proposed changes to how we regulate the BBC, to ensure that it can continue to deliver for, and remain relevant to audiences in a changing media landscape. We have included recommendations for the Government to consider as part of its Mid-Term Review of the BBC Charter.

Review: How Ofcom regulates the BBC (PDF, 1.5 MB)

Adroddiad: Sut mae Ofcom yn rheoleiddio'r BBC (PDF, 1.5 MB)

Alongside our review, we have also published:

Following consultation, we decided to place a new requirement (PDF, 14.1 KB) on the BBC to publicise changes to its public services that are likely to be subject to a materiality assessment by the BBC, to encourage it to be more transparent with stakeholders about its plans and more consistent about how it makes them public. We have also made some small changes to the trading and separation requirements

We have also published the findings of our review of the interaction between BBC Studios and the BBC public services.