Diversity and equal opportunities in TV and radio

04 October 2021

This is our five year review (PDF, 2.6 MB) of diversity and equal opportunities in the TV and radio industries. For the first time, we bring together five years of data to take stock of the progress that has been made. Drawing on our own analysis and specially commissioned research, we set out our vision for an inclusive broadcasting sector and what we will do to support and drive progress.

Ofcom has a duty to promote equality of opportunity in relation to employment in the broadcasting sector. We can ask broadcasters to provide information about their equal opportunities policies and the make-up of their workforce.

This report presents our key findings on the diversity of the broadcasters we regulate, including the main eight TV and radio organisations. It covers the period from 2016/17 to 2020/21.

Our report includes three interactive tools which provide more detailed information on:

  • workforce data across the UK television and radio industries for 2016/17 to 2020/21
  • the workforce data of the eight main broadcasters during the last five years; and
  • qualitative information provided by the broadcasters in 2021 on the work they have undertaken to increase diversity and inclusion in their organisations.

Read the full report

Diversity and equal opportunities in television and radio: 2021 report (PDF, 2.6 MB)

Amrywiaeth a Chyfle Cyfartal mewn teledu a radio 2021 (PDF, 2.6 MB)

Diversity in Broadcasting: Included report (PDF, 57.8 MB)

Diversity and equal opportunities in television and radio: 2021 methodology  (PDF, 445.7 KB)

Interactive data

Employee diversity profiles for the UK radio and TV industries, 2018-2021

Employee diversity profiles for eight major UK broadcasters, 2018-2021

Qualitative responses from broadcasters to questions on diversity and inclusion, 2021

2021 Questionnaires

Diversity in Broadcasting TV Workforce Questionnaire 2021 (PDF, 2.8 MB)

Diversity in Broadcasting Radio Workforce Questionnaire 2021 (PDF, 4.1 MB)