TV industry data collection

23 January 2024

Licensed TV broadcasters are requested to submit Market Intelligence Database (MID) returns to Ofcom via the Ofcom Online Services Portal.

Please be aware that as of January 2023 the URL and landing page for the Ofcom Online Services Portal MID has changed.

Contact us

For troubleshooting and any queries not covered here in relation to the returns, get in touch, stating your organisation and licence numbers.



Ofcom TV MID Team
Ofcom Research & Intelligence
2a Southwark Bridge Road

Failure to provide data

Please note it is a condition of your broadcasting licence to "furnish to Ofcom in such a manner and at such times as Ofcom may reasonably require such documents, accounts, returns, estimates, reports, notices or other information as Ofcom may require for the purpose of exercising the functions assigned to it by or under the 1990 Act, the 1996 Act or the Communications Act."

Failure to provide the data requested in the specified time may lead to enforcement action being taken, in line with our General Procedures for investigating breaches of broadcast licences (PDF, 296.7 KB).