Ofcom's Proposed Plan of Work 2023/24

Published: 14 December 2022
Last updated: 16 March 2023

We have today published Ofcom’s proposed Plan of Work for 2023/24, outlining our areas of work for the next financial year.

Our role as a converged communications regulator – looking across telecoms, broadcasting, post, spectrum and online services – is becoming more important, particularly as our remit grows.

We have taken on new duties for video-sharing platforms and telecoms security, and the Online Safety Bill will give us an important new task of creating a safer life online.

As we take on these new duties, this plan outlines our priority outcomes, and explains how we will work to meet these over the course of 2023-24. They are:

  • Internet we can rely on – fast and reliable connections and services for everyone, everywhere;
  • Media we trust and value – media and news from across the UK watched by audiences;
  • We live a safer life online – platforms are incentivised to reduce harms and make consumers safer; and
  • Enabling wireless services in the wide economy – ensuring efficient use of spectrum and supporting growth across the economy.

We welcome responses to our proposed Plan of Work by 5pm on 8 February 2023. We will also be holding an event in January to gain feedback on our proposed plan. We will publish our final plan in March 2023.

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