Investigation into Telefonica UK Limited (O2) about its compliance with metering and billing requirements

4 March 2021


Investigation into Telefonica UK Limited (O2)
Case opened 10 July 2019
Case closed 12 February 2021

This investigation examined whether O2 had complied with its metering and billing obligations under General Condition C3.2, which requires Communications Providers (“CPs”) to accurately bill consumers for their use of communication services; and the Metering and Billing Direction, which sets out requirements to ensure systems and processes are fit for purpose, as well as the steps to take when an incident occurs.

Relevant legal provision(s)

GC C3.2 (formally GC 11.1) and the Metering and Billing Direction

Ofcom has today published a non-confidential version of the confirmation decision issued to Telefónica UK Limited (trading as O2) on 12 February 2021:

Non-confidential Confirmation Decision served on Telefónica UK Limited (PDF, 1.3 MB)


Enforcement team (

Case reference CW/01248/07/19