Advisory Committee for Wales

Functions and role

The Advisory Committee for Wales advises Ofcom about the interests and opinions, in relation to communications matters, of persons living in Wales.

The remit of the Advisory Committee is to:

  • seek to identify issues affecting the communications and postal sectors in Wales, both collectively as a Committee and individually for Members, with particular reference to the sectors where they have particular knowledge or expertise
  • to provide advice to Ofcom about general and specific issues concerning the communications and postal sectors arising within Wales
  • to provide advice and comment as required on matters brought to the Committee by Ofcom
  • to offer comment as appropriate on consultations undertaken by Ofcom
  • where requested by the Content Board, to provide specific advice to that Board on matters relating to television, radio and other content on services regulated by Ofcom
  • when so requested by the Ofcom Board, to provide advice to the Communications Consumer Panel on matters affecting consumers in Wales in the communications sector.
  • to produce an annual report reflecting issues within the communications and postal sectors in Wales

The Committee usually meets five times a year. The Committee’s minutes are provided to the Ofcom Board.

Minutes of committee meetings

It is our policy to keep board and committee minutes on our site for one year only. Older minutes can be accessed via the National Archives.

Meeting dates 2017

9 February
5 April
20 June
26 September
9 November