Our annual reports to the Welsh Language Commissioner

30 September 2023

This is Ofcom's sixth annual report (covering 2022-23) on its compliance with the statutory Welsh language legislation for the Welsh language Commissioner.

This Annual Report sets out our activity and progress in relation to Welsh language legislation compliance, covering the year 2022-2023.[1]

We remain resolute in our commitment to promoting the Welsh language and enabling consumers and citizens to interact with Ofcom in their preferred language – be that Welsh or English. We have achieved this in a way that is proportionate and consistent with our existing duties.

The Welsh language Standards legislation was issued by the Welsh Language Commissioner to Ofcom via its compliance notice in January 2017.   This included 141 Standards, which provided the framework enabling us to increase our work in Welsh, considering the impact of our policy making on the needs of Welsh language speakers and the manner in which we carry out our market research.

We welcome the appointment of Efa Gruffudd Jones as Welsh Language Commissioner from January 2023 and were pleased to have an initial introductory meeting with her, early in her tenure. Separately, we accompanied senior colleagues from our Communications team to a meeting with Efa. We consider our interaction with the Commissioner to be important for our own Welsh language development and for the promotion of the Welsh language as a whole, and look forward to interacting further to this end in the coming year.

[1] September 2022-September 2023.

Full report

Ofcom's annual report to the Welsh Language Commissioner 2022-23 (PDF, 260.0 KB)

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