When problems occur Ofcom has the powers to step in and take action for the benefit of citizens and consumers. This can involve encouraging competition or resolving regulatory disputes between communications providers.

We also enforce consumer protection law, protect and manage the radio spectrum, and ensure viewers and listeners are protected from offensive and harmful material and treated fairly.

Below you will find links to our regular bulletins on television, radio and video on demand services, Competition and Consumer enforcement and Telecoms complaints.

The broadcast and on-demand bulletin reports on the outcome of investigations into potential breaches of Ofcom’s codes and rules for TV, radio and video on demand programmes, as well as licence conditions with which broadcasters regulated by Ofcom are required to comply.

The competition and consumer enforcement bulletin sets out details of investigations carried out by Ofcom’s Competition Group Investigations Team and Consumer Affairs Team into adherence with regulatory rules, consumer protection issues, competition issues and resolving disputes between communications providers.

The telecoms complaints bulletin. Ofcom receives and monitors complaints from consumers who are dissatisfied with their experience in the communications sector. It uses this data both to take enforcement action against specific companies that are breaking existing Ofcom rules and also to highlight problem areas where new rules may be needed to protect consumers.