Information requests from Ofcom: why you have one and what you need to do

27 November 2023

Ofcom requests information from individuals and businesses to inform all aspects of our work. We have formal powers to make these requests – and when we do, we expect to receive clear, complete and accurate information in a timely manner. This page has everything you need to know.

Ofcom is the independent regulator for the communications sector. We regulate the TV, radio, online and video on demand sectors, mobile and fixed-line telecoms, postal services plus the airwaves over which wireless devices operate.

We are an evidence-based regulator. Formal information requests (sometimes called ‘statutory information requests’ or ‘information notices’) are the means through which we gather the information we need to carry out our functions.

When making a formal information request, we sometimes use our statutory powers set out in legislation. Or, we might make a request under the terms of a licence (like a broadcasting or spectrum licence). The requests can look and feel like very complicated documents, so we hope this page helps you understand them.

About us

To make our information-gathering work as efficient as possible, Ofcom’s formal information requests are typically managed by a central team: the Information Registry. The Registry supports project teams across Ofcom by coordinating and issuing information requests, and gathering responses.

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