The Information Registry

As an evidence-based regulator, Ofcom regularly requests information from companies to inform all aspects of our work, including making policy decisions and contributing to our research programme. We have statutory powers to make these requests, to ensure we receive accurate and complete information from companies in a timely manner.

As a result of the wide range of work we are responsible for, companies can receive a number of information requests from us throughout the year. So in June 2020, we launched the Information Registry to strengthen the way we collect and manage information from organisations we work with.

The Registry is supported by a dedicated team and ensures we have a co-ordinated approach to gathering information.

The Registry now manages information requests to companies involved in our consumer and competition work – offering an end-to end process for making information requests and collating responses. The Registry will also act as a central contact point for companies on information gathering matters.

2021 workplan

In December 2020, the Information Registry set out its work in the six months since launch and its priorities for the year ahead. This update took account of stakeholder feedback and Ofcom’s Plan of Work for 2021/22, which was published for consultation at the same time.

We welcome feedback on our plans and will continue to work closely with stakeholders from across our regulated sectors to further develop the Registry over the next six to 12 months.

Ofcom's Information Registry – 2021 workplan (PDF, 152.1 KB)