Proposed Annual Plan 2016/17

  • Start: 04 December 2015
  • Status: Closed
  • End: 26 February 2016

Ofcom exists to make communications markets work for everyone. To achieve this we are proposing three main goals: to promote competition and ensure that markets work effectively for consumers; to secure standards and improve quality; and to protect consumers from harm. Our proposed Annual Plan highlights some of the key work areas that we will seek to deliver in order to meet these goals, across the UK and its nations, in 2016/17. We also outline our broader ongoing work to support these goals, and how we will work for consumers across the UK nations.

We will publish our final Annual Plan for 2016/17 in March 2016. The final Plan will take into account responses from stakeholders to the proposed Plan. It will also build in actions arising from ongoing activities, including the emerging conclusions from, and next steps for, our Strategic Review of Digital Communications.

The closing date for consultation responses to our proposed Annual Plan is 26 February 2016.

Main documents

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A+E-Networks-UK.pdf (PDF File, 133.2 KB) Organisation
Action-on-Hearing-Loss.pdf (PDF File, 13.5 KB) Organisation
Advisory-Committee-for-Northern-Ireland.pdf (PDF File, 272.7 KB) Organisation
Advisory_Committee_for_Scotland.pdf (PDF File, 84.4 KB) Organisation
BBC-Licence-Fee-Unit.pdf (PDF File, 34.2 KB) Organisation
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