Consultation: Approach to high excess costs under the broadband universal service

  • Start: 16 July 2021
  • Status: Closed
  • End: 10 September 2021

In this consultation, we propose to modify our universal broadband service rules, to clarify how BT should provide quotes to customers who have applied to be connected under the scheme.

We are proposing that where excess costs are very high, BT should inform customers of the total excess costs and gain agreement to cover these before delivering the connection. One or more customers in the local area can then cover all the excess costs of the build, including shared infrastructure.

We intend to publish our decision by the end of 2021.

Main documents

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Responder name Type
Advisory Committee for Northern Ireland (ACNI) (PDF File, 149.5 KB) Organisation
BT (PDF File, 180.2 KB) Organisation
Citizens Advice Scotland (PDF File, 165.1 KB) Organisation
Federation of Communication Services (PDF File, 134.1 KB) Organisation
Kiely, M (PDF File, 431.9 KB) Individual
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