Automatic compensation

  • Start: 24 March 2017
  • Status: Open
  • End: 05 June 2017

In this consultation we set out proposals to introduce automatic compensation for residential consumers of landline and/or broadband services who suffer quality of service problems in relation to delayed repairs, delayed provisions and missed appointments. We also set out proposals for small and medium sized businesses to ensure that they receive better information on the quality of service (including compensation payments) they should get from their landline and broadband provider.

We first set out our intention to consider the introduction of automatic compensation in our Strategic Review of Digital Communications. In that review we indicated the need for the communications sector to deliver significantly better quality of service, and we identified automatic compensation as one of a number of areas which could help deliver this.

We invite all interested parties to respond to this consultation by 5 June 2017.

Consultation: Automatic compensation, protecting consumers from quality of service problems PDF, 1.6 MB

Annexes: Automatic compensation: annexes PDF, 2.2 MB

Annex 11b: Cartesian model Excel spreadsheet XLSX, 138.3 KB

You can look at further documents below.

Note to stakeholders: Annex 10 (Jigsaw Research – Automatic Compensation) was first published on 24th March. Please note that a new version of Annex 10 was published on 29th March as it came to our attention that, due to a technical error, some of the pages of that annex were not visible. A link to Annex 10 can be found below.

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Annex 13: Industry proposal
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