Consultation: Improving broadband information for customers

  • Start: 08 March 2023
  • Status: Closed
  • End: 03 May 2023

The way fixed broadband services are delivered is changing. The coverage of new full-fibre networks is increasing across the UK, and these new networks are co-existing with older networks. In the context of this changing market, it is important that broadband customers have enough useful information, at the right time, to help them choose the correct broadband service for their needs.

However, people can perceive the broadband market as complex and difficult to understand. This is likely to be partly because of the way in which some information about broadband services is presented. In particular, the term ‘fibre’ is used in an inconsistent way to refer to both new and older networks.

To help us better understand what people would find helpful when choosing a broadband service, we commissioned consumer research. It found that, when choosing a broadband service, some people would find it useful to have information about the underlying technology used to deliver their services.

This consultation sets out our proposals to help broadband customers make more informed choices. It explains how we think broadband providers should tell people about the underlying technology used to deliver their service.

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Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) (PDF File, 193.1 KB) Organisation
ApTap (PDF File, 99.9 KB) Organisation
Bridges, M (PDF File, 79.0 KB) Individual
BT (PDF File, 611.3 KB) Organisation
BUUK Infrastructure (PDF File, 220.5 KB) Organisation
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