Narrowband Market Review

  • Start: 01 December 2016
  • Status: Closed
  • End: 29 March 2017

The Narrowband Market Review 2017 covers five wholesale markets that underpin the delivery of retail fixed voice telephone services in the UK. The outcomes from this review are designed to promote competition and further the interests of residential and business customers.

We are reviewing three access markets: wholesale fixed analogue exchange lines (the standard fixed lines used by residential and business customers) and two markets that enable the delivery of digital telephone services to businesses to support applications such as call centre operations. The two digital exchange line markets are ISDN30 and ISDN2. In addition, we are reviewing wholesale call origination – a complementary service to the provision of analogue and digital exchange lines, which enables end customers to make calls over those lines.

This review also includes wholesale call termination, a connection service provided by a fixed telecoms provider when their customer receives a call. If customers call a UK geographic number (a number starting 01 or 02), their provider pays the terminating provider a wholesale charge, called a fixed termination rate.

This consultation considers the level of competition in each of these five wholesale markets. Where competition is not working effectively, we propose regulation that should apply for the period 1 October 2017 to 30 September 2020.

We will take all responses to this consultation into account before reaching our final conclusions, which we plan to publish in September 2017.

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