Statement: WLA and WBA Market Reviews - Competition in the Hull Area

  • Start: 22 June 2017
  • Status: Statement published
  • End: 14 September 2017

Statement published 31 July 2018

Broadband and fixed telephone services typically rely upon a fixed connection between the local telephony exchange to a home or business premises. We have undertaken a review of the regulation of the wholesale local access (WLA) market for services that use this fixed connection and of the wholesale broadband access (WBA) market for broadband services provided over this fixed connection in the Hull Area.

This document sets out the conclusions of our Wholesale Local Access and Wholesale Broadband Access Market Reviews in relation to the Hull Area.

Wholesale local access refers to the connections from the local telephone exchange to a home or business premises, which are used to provide services at the retail level. Wholesale broadband access refers to the provision of broadband over those connections.

We have concluded that KCOM continues to have significant market power in the wholesale local access and wholesale broadband access markets and have imposed a package of remedies to address this market power and promote competition in retail and wholesale fixed telecoms services in the Hull Area.

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