Review of alternative dispute resolution schemes

  • Start: 31 March 2017
  • Status: Closed
  • End: 12 May 2017

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is an important part of the protection available to consumers with complaints about their communications provider (CP). All communications providers are required to be members of an Ofcom-approved ADR scheme. Consumers can take their complaint to ADR eight weeks after they have complained or, before that, when their complaint has reached deadlock.

Under powers in the Communications Act 2003 (the “Act”) Ofcom currently approves two ADR schemes: Ombudsman Services: Communications (“OS”) and the Communications and Internet Services Adjudication Scheme (“CISAS”). We are required to keep this approval under review.

This Call for Inputs begins this review and asks for stakeholders’ comments about the operation of OS and CISAS since our last review in 2012. In particular, we are keen to have stakeholders' views on how the schemes have performed against criteria set out in the Act, such as their accessibility and effectiveness, and whether the measures that we have put in place to ensure the effectiveness of the schemes remain appropriate.

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Advisory Committee for Northern Ireland (PDF, 277.4 KB) Organisation
Andrews & Arnold Ltd (PDF, 96.4 KB) Organisation
Association for Interactive Media and Entertainment (PDF, 346.4 KB) Organisation
BT Group (PDF, 217.4 KB) Organisation
Centre for Socio-Legal Studies (PDF, 150.0 KB) Organisation