Helping consumers get better deals: review of pricing practices in fixed broadband

  • Start: 14 December 2018
  • Status: Closed
  • End: 01 February 2019

We are increasingly reliant on decent broadband to live and work. The Covid-19 crisis has underlined just how dependent we are on home broadband services. Given the importance of broadband and other communications services, it is vital that people are treated fairly by their providers, get a fair deal, and can trust that communications markets operate with integrity.

There is significant choice for broadband customers in the UK, allowing people to pick from a wide range of providers and packages to suit their needs. But we are concerned that not all broadband customers are benefitting from the good deals that are available. Some customers pay high out-of-contract prices when they could save money by signing a new contract with their provider or by switching to a new company. This document sets out further progress we have made to address this problem since we published our initial conclusions report in September 2019.

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Responses to our consultation on end-of-contact notifications and annual best tariff notifications

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BT (PDF File, 653.7 KB) Organisation
Citizens Advice (PDF File, 439.5 KB) Organisation
Collective business response (Verizon, ATT, Gamma, Colt, CenturyLink) (PDF File, 549.6 KB) Organisation
Consumer Communications Panel and ACOD (PDF File, 179.5 KB) Organisation
Decision Tech (PDF File, 497.5 KB) Organisation
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